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How Late is Too Late in the Year?

As our BBQ Season winds down we get people calling us and saying, “Geez, I wish I had done a BBQ this year” or “Too bad it’s too late for a Cookout”.  Well I am here to tell you, That’s Nonsense.  It isn’t too late at all!

Truth of the Matter is that we just did 8 parties in the first 5 days of October.  October!!!  Below is a picture from October 5th

Outside Buffet

For this event it was COLD when we arrived at 8AM.  In fact it was in the 40’s.  But by the time of the event it had warmed up to the 60’s.  Folks came from their heated building, grabbed their food outside, conversed, grabbed more food, and by the time they started to feel the chill in the air – they were inside.  This beats an Italian Lunch or Cold Sandwiches ANY DAY.  Employees were happy.  The party planner was a rockstar.  But then again, that is just another day for us.

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