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Sauces and Dry Rubs

Made from Scratch Sauces and Dry Rubs

It became apparent after literally dozens of trips down South and throughout Texas, each meat needed it’s own custom made Sauce and Dry Rub.  Which is why Smokey’s Team goes through the trouble to make Sauces and Dry Rubs in small batches for the Best BBQ.

You will taste the difference.

Chicken Sauce – This is a ketchup based sauce that first starts off with 4 bottles of Samuel Adams ™ beer. From there 13 more ingredients are added and cooked to just the right temperature – yielding a thick and rich sauce that is great on Barbecued Chicken or Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

Pork Sauce – This sauce is derived from Southern style Barbecue sauces. The Worcestershire and Molasses give this sauce a sweet, full bodied flavor that complements our Pulled Pork, Pork Spare Ribs, and our Signature Danish Baby Back Ribs.

Beef Sauce – This eclectic sauce is based on Texas Barbecue sauces. It was made specifically for our Beef Brisket. The sauce’s thin nature allows it to penetrate all the crevices of the Beef, making your Brisket plate or sandwich truly irresistible.

Gold Dust –What makes our Smokey’s Gold Dust Burgers the best around? Why the Gold Dust, of course. Gold Dust is our proprietary blend of 9 herbs and seasonings that we sprinkle on our burgers while they are grilling for that extra touch that makes them the best.

Poultry Dry Rub – Have you noticed that red, crisp skin on our Barbecued Chicken? That comes from our Poultry Rub. Before we smoke our chicken we thoroughly coat every piece with this secret blend – giving it a crisp exterior with a complex blend of flavors.

Pork Dry Rub – Our Pork Dry Rub is a condensed version of our Pork Sauce. Containing many of the same ingredients, this seasoning is rubbed into the Pork before it is smoked. This allows the ingredients to soak into the pork, giving it an authentic flavor throughout.”

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